26th Aug

More and More Popular Stainless Steel Rings

In recent years, with the introduction of personalized jewelry, stainless steel rings are quietly popular, and some international brands have also launched stainless steel ring series. In fact, stainless steel rings are high-alloy steels that...

02th Jan

How to know which stainless steel ring size is yours

The stainless steel ring has an incomparable aesthetic feeling, and they all involve the size problem when wearing, how to measure your size correctly, and then wear appropriate jewelry, summarize the following points for...

28th Dec

Why do people wear stainless steel earrings?

There are different ways of why wearing stainless steel earrings. Some people believe that it's stainless steel earrings for the protection of the wind. But there are two more credible versions, the first is that the appearance of stainless steel...

27th Dec

How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel ring?

It is difficult to observe the process quality of the stainless steel ring with the naked eye. Generally have to clear the experienced professionals to identify. But some links can be checked, such as the surface of the ring can be felt with...

26th Dec

Etching Process of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Do you know the etching process of stainless steel jewelry? Etching is the key to the decorative pattern of the metal plate pattern. In order to get the pattern with clear stripes and strong decorativeness, we must pay attention to...

25th Dec

How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Nowadays, a lot of stainless steel products perennial exposed, rain and sun, inevitable will be infected with besmirch, local rust, etc., the serious influence is beautiful, So is there any way to perfectly remove these stains of rust? JC...

27th Nov

What is the Side Effects of Tungsten Ring?

Tungsten rings are also often called tungsten carbide.The metal is popular with men's jewellery such as rings and bracelets, but consumers should be careful before buying them because they have some side effects....

15th Nov

What is Tungsten Ring?

                                      What is Tungsten...

19th Mar

Is your jewelry real stainless steel? or fake?

Is your jewelry real stainless steel or Fake? One client ’ s email says that your jewelry is not real stainless steel, it ’ s iron!!! WHAT? I was shocked.I ask him how do you do the test.He says that use magnet suck. Iron can...

01th Mar

Stainless Steel Jewelry is it Good?

In recent decades, stainless steel jewelry is very very popular. There are a number of people that buy jewelry every day of the week. But stailness steel jewelry is it good?   Stainless steel jewelry is a special...

28th Nov

JC Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Warehouse

JC Fashion Jewely Wholesale Warehouse JC Fashion Jewelry Co.Ltd is a online wholesale &factory of stainless steel jewelry, titanium jewelry and tungsten jewelry in Shenzhen, China. 1.MOQ is 1pc....


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